Upper eyelid surgery – marking skin removal

by | Nov 29, 2018

What is the most crucial step of upper blepharoplasty surgery? In my opinion, it’s definitely the markings before the surgery even begins.⠀

The shape and amount of skin to be removed is customized for each patient. In some patients it makes sense to remove all the excess skin, while in others, some extra skin is left behind. Some patients need more skin removed on the inner and outer aspect of their eyelids, while others need a more even excision all the way across. Other patients need an even different shape, especially if they have had surgery before.⠀

Unfortunately I see a lot of patients for second opinions who are not happy with surgery by other doctors. In many cases, the patient feels too much skin was removed and they look “different”. ⠀

While I can sometimes help these patients through the use of fillers or revision surgery, it’s best to avoid this issue altogether with a thorough discussion before surgery. ⠀

During a consultation for upper blepharoplasty surgery, I pull up on the excess skin while the patient looks in the mirror to simulate how the eyelids will look after surgery. This helps make sure I am on the same page with my patient and we have a clear goal of what we are trying to accomplish. Some patients want my advice on what I think looks best, while others already know what they are trying to accomplish and are happy to show me what they want.⠀

On the day of surgery, we go over the plan again and confirm our goals before proceeding. Once I mark the patient I feel a sigh of relief. I have probably done this surgery on around 2000 people so I feel super comfortable with the actual procedure. Most patients opt to do this surgery in my office under local anesthesia only and I have a nice chat with my patient while the surgery is taking place. The hard part is over before the surgery even starts.⠀

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