Travelling for plastic surgery

by | Aug 31, 2018

I am always humbled when patients travel long distances to see me. This month I had the honor of operating on a lovely patient who flew from Russia to Boston for lower eyelid surgery. The patient found me on Instagram! Here are my thoughts on patients who want to fly in for surgery.

✅ I always recommend that you consult with local (driving distance) surgeons before traveling. It is much harder to deal with any postoperative issues that may come up when you live far away, so traveling for surgery is not ideal. I can sometimes recommend someone local, especially in the US. If you find someone local that you feel comfortable with, go with the local doctor and avoid traveling. If you don’t feel comfortable with anyone local then traveling probably makes sense.

✅ I like patients to stay within driving distance to Boston for five days after upper eyelid surgery and seven days after lower eyelid surgery. This is not negotiable! I check patients before they leave and we keep in touch by email.

✅ Patients should be prepared to make a second trip to Boston at some point in future. Sometimes surgeries need a little “tweak” to optimize the results.

✅ I have patients send me photos along with a description of what they are trying to accomplish. We can schedule a Skype consult or discuss things further on the phone after I look at photos.

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