Pro-Nox – inhaled nitrous oxide for patient comfort and anxiety

by | Nov 26, 2019


Patients are often nervous when they come in for office surgery, but we have several tricks to help them relax. ⠀

This video shows the use of our #pronox system to reduce anxiety and make lidocaine injections more comfortable. The ProNox system uses nitrous oxide, aka laughing gas. The patient holds the inhalation handpiece and self administers the medication as needed to help to feel comfortable.⠀

After the lidocaine injections are completed, the patient relaxes for 10 mins and we get started with the procedure. At this point the eyelids are really numb and the patient feels almost nothing during the actual surgery. She can always take more nitrous oxide during the procedure if she feels anxious.⠀

Most types of upper eyelid surgery are really comfortable to perform in the office. I prefer to do lower eyelid surgery in the hospital with general anesthesia or at least iv sedation as these surgeries tend to be more painful.⠀

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