Patients who need lower eyelid and tear trough fillers often require midface fillers as well

by | Dec 4, 2018

Why do I need to inject my cheeks if I want to fill the area under my eyes?⠀This photo shows a woman in her 20s with lower eyelid and cheek hollowing. The patient is a fitness instructor and has an athletic build with very low body fat. Athletic patients such as this often have very flat cheeks, which cause any puffiness under their eyes to look more pronounced.⠀

Patients such as this are sometimes treated with surgery to remove the extra eyelid fat, but in young patients, under eye puffiness can often be camouflaged with filler injections.⠀

The key is to treat the lower eyelids and the upper cheeks to help blend the eyelid cheek junction. If you just add filler under the eyes, you will see a ridge where the filler was injected because the cheeks are so flat. The goal is to give the patient a more rested, less-tired look.⠀

This patient was treated with one vial of Restylane Silk under the eyes (black dots) and two vials of Restylane in the upper cheeks (red dots). It take a lot more filler to treat the cheeks than the under eye area.⠀

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