Office closed again due to Governor Baker recommendations

 May 19, 2020 at 06:57AM

Like many other Massachusetts doctors, I briefly opened my office yesterday after the expiration of the stay-at-home order. Unfortunately, new guidelines issued at a mid-day news conference by the governor required us to close shop again.⠀

I can’t express how angry I am at this whole process. This type of guidance really should have been provided last week so practice owners could plan accordingly.⠀

Unfortunately, it also looks like it will be weeks before we can reopen. “Certain elective procedures” will be allowed in phase two and three of reopening. Phase two doesn’t even start for another three weeks and it’s unclear what will be allowed at that time.⠀

I have been very supportive of our governor thus far but the guidelines around reopening have been awful and were delayed unnecessarily. There is still not a clear understanding of when we can resume elective procedures.⠀

I have been getting my office ready to open for weeks. We have numerous safety protocols in place to treat patients as safely as possible. I have spent thousands of dollars on equipment and supplies in preparation for opening.⠀

Hair dressers can open next week and nail salons at the beginning of phase 2. I have nothing against these businesses and am happy for them that they are being allowed to open. That being said, they have clear guidelines from the state and I do not. It’s very frustrating! ⠀

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