Lower eyelid filler injections

by | Feb 12, 2019

This video shows my technique for lower eyelid filler injections. ⠀

The video is sped up to save time. In fast motion, the treatment looks a little crude, but it’s actually very carefully performed. I use a threading technique over the lower eyelids to spread the filler out and minimize lumps. A vein finder is used to avoid blood vessels to minimize bruising.⠀

There is little to no pain during the procedure. The skin under the eyes is very thin and the numbing cream I use makes the procedure almost painless. This patient never flinches during any part of the procedure and even smiles at one point. It looks painful to have needles around your eyes but it’s really not.⠀

Notice I use a needle and not a cannula for this treatment. I have performed thousands of under eye filler treatments and my results are better when I use a needle. Using a needle allows more precision in filler placement, especially with regards to depth. There is nothing wrong with using cannulas – I just find that my results are better with needles in this area. ⠀

Most patients have some bruising after under eye fillers. This patient has one location on her left lower eyelid which looks like it will form a small bruise. In most cases, bruising can be covered with makeup but there are occasionally more significant bruises that are hard to cover. I recommend a few days off work if possible, but many patients go right to work the next day. ⠀

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