Laser skin resurfacing

by | Oct 10, 2018

Fall is the time for laser treatments to reduce the effects of too much sun over the summer. Skin resurfacing with a fractional CO2 laser is my procedure of choice to reduce sun damage, improve skin texture and fine lines and reduce the appearance of scars. ⠀

It takes a lot of hands to do this procedure! I use one hand to hold the laser handpiece and the other hand to stretch out the skin that is being treated. My assistant holds a suction device to take away any smoke and debris produced by the laser. The patient helps out by holding a hose which blows cold air to counteract the heat from the laser and maximize her comfort.⠀

Downtime varies from 4 days to two weeks depending on the laser settings. This type of laser can only be used on people with fair skin. We have other treatments for patients with darker skin types or patients who want less down time. The whole face can be treated if desired, or a focused treatment can be performed to treat a problem area like under the eyes (as for this patient) or a scar. I often recommend three treatments spaced 3-6 months apart to maximize the results, but many patients are happy with a single treatment and want to stop there.⠀

Unlike surgery, which is more predictable, different patients respond to lasers very differently from each other. Some people have a dramatic response and others have more modest results. That being said, there is no surgery that can improve skin texture or pigmentation, so lasers remain the mainstay of treatment for these problems. ⠀

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