Fractional CO2 laser for lip lines or smokers lines

by | Jul 18, 2019


Lip lines or “smokers lines” are one of the most difficult signs of aging to correct on someone’s face. A combination of treatments is usually needed.⠀

1. The fractional CO2 laser can help reduce fine lines and smooth the skin. Multiple treatments are often needed to optimize results.⠀
2. Dermal fillers can help reduce volume loss inside the lips, stretching the surrounding skin. Very small amounts of filler can also be used to treat the lines directly. Too much and the lips look duck-like.⠀
3. Tiny amounts of Botox are often useful to reduce overactive lip muscles and reduce dynamic wrinkles.⠀

The deeper the lip lines, the more difficult they are to treat. I recommend starting as early as possible, when the lines just start becoming noticeable.⠀

The video shows part of a full face treatment with the fractional CO2 laser. Each white dot is a microscopic column of tissue ablated by the laser. The ablation stimulates newer, tighter skin to grow back in its place with fewer wrinkles and fine lines. The video shows treatment at the upper portion of the upper lip. A smaller spot size was then used to treat the remaining skin down to the vermillion border.⠀

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