CO2 Laser Before and After Photos

Facial resurfacing with CO2 or erbium lasers can help reduce sun damage and improve fine lines. These treatments are usually limited to Caucasian patients with lighter skin types.

Before and After Laser Facial Procedure

The photo shows a woman in her mid 50s who underwent a single treatment with a fractional CO2 laser. In the photos she is one month after her procedure and still has some mild redness. There is a pronounced improvement in her skin, especially in the prominence of her brown spots. Most of the spots are still there, but they have reduced in size and prominence. The discoloration in the skin under her eyes is also much better. There is a more modest improvement in fine lines, especially in the forehead area.

The photo shows the result after a single treatment. Three treatments with the fractional CO2 laser are usually recommended to see optimal results. Use of sunblock and avoidance of direct sun exposure after the treatment is essential to maintain the results.

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