Fractional CO2 laser – treating the under eye area

by | Oct 11, 2018

This is what an eyelid looks like immediately after a CO2 laser treatment. This type of laser uses light energy to vaporize tiny columns of tissue leaving the surrounding tissue intact. Each little white spot is a column of ablated skin. ⠀

This treatment is similar to poking thousands of tiny holes in the skin, but because the tissue is vaporized, there is no bleeding. In addition, the heat generated in the vaporizing process spreads to the surrounding tissue and produces contraction, tightening the skin and improving fine lines. ⠀

The tissue surrounding each column of ablation remains intact, allowing neighboring epithelial cells to close the little holes over a few days. ⠀

The power of the laser can be adjusted to vary the depth of the ablation. The density of treatment (how close the little holes are to each other) can also be adjusted to vary treatment intensity.⠀

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