Fractional CO2 laser – video

by | Jan 5, 2019

This video shows a close up of our fractional CO2 laser at work. The laser works by ablating tiny holes in the skin leading to skin tightening, improvement in fine lines and reduction of surface pigmentation. This type of laser also helps to improve scars, especially surface irregularities from acne.⠀

In between each of the holes, there is normal skin, which provides a source of intact epithelial cells. These cells grow into the ablated area allowing the lasered skin to heal rapidly. In contrast. A chemical peel which penetrated to a similar depth would not have intact skin within the treatment zone, requiring healing from the edges of the treatment area, a much longer recovery process.⠀

With typical settings, patients can start wearing mineral makeup 5 days after this procedure and are back at work between day 7-10. There is often some redness which can last a month or longer and is easily covered up with makeup.⠀

This laser is best suited for patients with very light (Caucasian) skin. Other lasers and treatments are better for patients with darker skin.⠀

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