Cosmetic eyelid surgery in men

by | Aug 15, 2019

Let’s talk about eyelid surgery in men. Men represent about 10% of my eyelid surgery patients overall, but are a growing segment of the market.⠀

Lower eyelid surgery is fairly similar in men and women. The goal is usually to reduce under eye bags, which helps people look less tired and more refreshed. ⠀

In contrast, upper eyelid surgery is really different in men and women. The eyelid crease is lower and less arched in men than in women, and these anatomical characteristics need to be considered when planning the incisions. The amount of skin removed during surgery also needs to be more conservative in men. Removing all the extra tissue in the upper eyelids can cause the eyelids to look feminine, so it’s important to take just the right amount away.⠀

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