Botox Videos and Photos

Botox treatments allow many patients to improve their appearance without surgery. Botox helps weaken overactive facial muscles which lead to deep lines and wrinkles. Botox is especially useful in the treatment of "dynamic wrinkles" in the area between the eyebrows (also known as frown lines or glabella) and in the forehead. Dynamic wrinkles are lines that form during normal facial expressions such as smiling, frowning or talking.

Botox has been used for cosmetic purposes for almost 20 years and has accumulated a tremendous safety record. Each year, more than 4 million Botox procedures are performed in the United States alone! Serious side effects are extremely rare, especially when injections are performed by a highly-trained physician. Dr. Kapadia personally performs all Botox injections in his practice.

The way Botox works is easiest to understand by watching a video. Click the thumbnails below to see a video of a patient before and after Botox treatment to the forehead and frown lines (area between the eyebrows). The wrinkles are improved when she is at rest (not moving her face), but are dramatically reduced when she tries to frown or raise her brows upward. These types of facial movements are common during normal conversation. Botox helps reduce hyperactive muscles and leads to a more relaxed, younger appearance. As seen in the video, the patient does not look "frozen" and is still able to move her face enough to express herself and smile normally.

Botox Before and After Videos

Click the thumbnails below to view short video clips of a patient before and after Botox treatments. If a dialog box opens in your browser, click "open" to view the video.

Botox Video Before
Botox Video After

Botox Before and After Photos

Individual frames of the videos shown above are presented side-by-side for comparison and discussion.

Before and After Botox - At rest

Before and After Botox - At Rest

At rest, Botox results in a mild-moderate improvement of frown lines and forehead wrinkles. Even the relatively mild frown lines seen in this patient result in a slightly angry or tense appearance. After Botox she looks more relaxed and happy, even though her facial expression is similar between the two photographs.

Before and After Botox - Maximum brow recruitment

Before and After Botox - Maximum Brow Recruitment

The effects of Botox become much more noticeable during facial expressions. Here the patient is asked to raise her brows, creating wrinkles in the forehead region. These wrinkles are much less noticeable after the Botox treatment. In the video, one can see that her forehead is not frozen. She can still move her eyebrows up and down enough to express herself, but can't overactivate these muscles and cause a lot of wrinkles.

Before and After Botox - Maximum frown

Before and After Botox - Maximum Frown

Botox results in a dramatic improvement in the patient's frown lines, especially when she maximally activates the muscles in this area.

Before and After Botox – Smiling

>Before and After Botox – Smiling

The patient has a beautiful smile, which is exactly the same before and after Botox. There is a mild amount of asymetry, but this is unchanged before and after Botox.

Botox Cosmetic is FDA approved to treat frown lines (glabellar wrinkles). Use of Botox in other areas of the face is considered an "off-label" use of the medication, but is extremely safe in the hands of an experienced physician.

Botox treatments can fit into almost any budget. Prices for Botox injections, as well as other minimally invasive procedures can be found in the information section of the website.

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