Festoons and Malar Bags, Before and After Photos

This page shows before and after photos of actual patients who have had surgery for festoons with Dr. Kapadia. Festoons, also known as malar bags, are one of the most difficult cosmetic concerns to treat on the face. There is no simple fix for this problem. Mild festoons can often be treated with a combination of fillers to address volume loss as well as CO2 laser resurfacing and radiofrequency microneedling to address tissue laxity. Surgery is reserved for extreme cases only due to the possibility of scarring when the redundant skin is excised.

Patient 1 – Before and three months after upper blepharoplasty, direct festoonectomy and lateral canthoplasty.

These photos show a man in his 50s before and after upper blepharoplasty, direct festoonectomy and lateral canthoplasty. When malar bags or festoons are this severe, directly excising the redundant tissue is the only option that will make a significant improvement in the problem. The surgery is not ideal, at the scar is in a visible location. After surgery, the patient looks younger and more refreshed. Its not a perfect result, as is typical when treating this condition, but his appearance is much better overall. He healed his cheek scars very well to the point of being invisible. Not everyone heals this well and some patients will have a permanent scar in this location.

Additional photos coming soon.



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