Botox Videos and Photos

This page shows before and after photos of actual patients who have had Botox injections with Dr. Mitesh Kapadia.

Botox injections are used to reduce the activity of overactive muscles, most commonly to treat lines and wrinkles. Browsing through the photos and videos below should help you understand what Botox can do. In addition to treating lines and wrinkles, Botox can be used for other purposes on the face. Botox can help slim the jawline, which often also helps with teeth grinding. It can also be used to help keep eyes more open when smiling. 

Patient 1 – Before and two years after Botox injections

These video shows a woman in her early 20s before and two years after regular Botox injections. This example shows a very young patient who had already developed deep “11” lines between her eyebrows due to excessive muscle activity in that area. Vertical lines between the eyebrows can cause patients to look angry even when they are not. Treating this area with Botox reduces the hyperactivity of the muscles in this area. Notice how she doesnt look frozen after treatment. She can still express herself, just less strongly to minimize wrinkles. When treatments are performed regularly, usually every 3-4 months, resting lines can often improve in this area as well. Not everyone needs treatment at such a young age – patients with a very expressive face can often benefit from treatment earlier than patients who are less expressive. Starting Botox earlier in life can help prevent wrinkles later.

Patient 2 – Before and two weeks after Botox injections for eyelid asymmetry and crows feet lines 

These photos show a woman in her early 30s before and after Botox injections. Her main concern was that her eyes looked different sizes, especially when smiling.
The asymmetry made her self-conscious and she hated having photos taken.⠀

A small amount of Botox was placed into her left lower eyelid to drop the eyelid position slightly and reduce the upward movement when she smiled. I also treated the area between her eyebrows and her crows feet to soften early wrinkles in these areas.⠀

You can see that there is a lot less asymmetry when she smiles. More importantly, she no longer feels self-conscious having photos taken. Restoring patients’ self confidence is one of the most gratifying parts of my job. ⠀

Patient 3 –  Before and three weeks after Botox for squinty eyes

These photos show a patient in her 30s before and after treatment with Botox for squinty eyes. The patient also had a Botox brow lift.

It’s normal for the lower eyelids to move upward when someone smiles, but in some patients the amount of this movement can be severe and cause the eyes to look really small and “squinty”. Tiny amounts of Botox to the lower eyelid can help reduce the muscle overactivity, helping the eyes stay more open when smiling. The asymmetry between the size of her eyes is also improved and can probably be improved even further at her next treatment by tiny tweaks in placement and dosing.

Also note the subtle effects of a Botox brow lift. I treated the glabella (area in between the eyebrows) but also treated the tail of her brow on the right side only to reduce the downward turn in that location. The result is a more aesthetically pleasing brow, where the inner corners are lifted and the symmetry of the outer brow is improved.
Treating asymmetry is difficult and requires tiny tweaks over time to optimize results. Treating the tail of brow on the right only, also caused an improvement of the crows feet area on that side. At her next treatment, I would add a tiny amount of additional Botox to the crows feet area on the left side.
A good injector can custom tailor a specific treatment for each individual patient. All patients are not the same!

Patient 4 – Before and three months after lower blepharoplasty and jaw slimming (masseter) botox

These photos show a woman in her 30s before and after lower blepharoplasty surgery and jaw slimming injections with Botox.⠀

In the before photo, the patient has puffiness under her eyes which gives her a tired appearance. She also has a very prominent jaw due to teeth grinding.⠀

Reducing the puffiness under her eyes helps her look more refreshed and less tired. Slimming her jaw line helps balance her facial proportions, which gives her a more feminine look and allows her natural beauty to shine through.⠀

This jaw slimming result is after a single Botox treatment. The goal will be to repeat this treatment every three months until the masseter muscle shrinks down to the ideal size and then maintain the results with injections every six months.⠀


About Botox treatments

Botox treatments are performed in the office using ice and/or topical numbing cream. There is only mild discomfort from the procedure and it takes 5-10 minutes to perform.

Most patients can go right to work after the procedure. Bruising can occur, but is usually mild and easily covered with makeup. We recommend stopping all blood thinners including aspirin, Motrin/ibuprofen and Alleve for at least two weeks prior to minimize bruising. Patients can drive themselves home after the procedure.

Unlike filler injections, the effects of Botox are not immediate. It takes up to two weeks after the injections to see the full effect. The results last 3-4 months in most patients, but some people will notice results for as long as 6 months.

Dr. Kapadia can give you an exact price quote at the time of your consultation. Our prices for Botox injections are listed in the prices section of this website. More information about Botox is located in the articles section of this website.

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