Bad Botox – Botox shouldnt look like this!

by | Oct 30, 2018

Your eyebrows should not look like this after getting Botox. This patient had Botox done elsewhere and was left with one eyebrow much higher than the other. The patient knew she didn’t really like it, but couldn’t figure out what was wrong.⠀

Botox works by relaxing muscles. In some patients, if you relax one set of muscles you can cause another set of muscles to become hyperactive. This definitely doesn’t happen to most patients, but it is common enough that I like to check everyone the first time I do their Botox.⠀

This patient had Botox to treat her glabellar lines (area between her eyebrows). These muscles are brow depressors. When the Botox kicked in, it caused extra activation of the frontaljs muscle (a brow elevator) pulling the eyebrow up. In this patient, the extra activation only happened on one side, but can sometimes happen on both.⠀

The good news is that this is easily treatable by adding a small amount of Botox to the frontalis muscle for balance. ⠀

I didn’t do this patient’s initial treatment, but this result can happen to any injector. Nothing was done incorrectly. Every patient responds to Botox treatments a little differently. This is why I like to check everyone’s Botox the first time I treat them. If they live close by and it’s convenient I like to see them in person. If they live far away or have a hard time getting in, I have them send me a photo or video along with a description of what they liked or didn’t like. If they need a little tweak, I do this at the follow-up visit at no additional charge. ⠀

Botox treatments should be a long-term relationship between the patient and injector where we make little tweaks to optimize the results over time. ⠀

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