Accuvein vein finder to reduce bruising – Botox to crows feet

by | Jul 23, 2019

Treating “crows feet” lines with Botox is a common treatment I perform many times each day. This video shows how an #accuvein vein finder device can be used to minimize bruising.⠀

The area around the eyes is surrounded by arteries and veins, and the exact pattern of these vessels varies from person to person. If a blood vessel is inadvertently hit with a needle, it can lead to a significant bruise. Some patients are more “veiny” than others but everyone has vessels around their eyes.⠀

In the first part of the video, you can see the patient squinting her eyes to show the crows feet lines. Before the vein finder is used, you can see a single large blood vessel just outside of her brow. ⠀

When the vein finder is turned on, you can see the vein that was noted previously, but look at how many other vessels are present just below the skin surface!⠀

My assistant holds the vein finder while I perform the Botox injections under direct guidance. I pick injections locations where there are no vessels to minimize bruising. Most of these vessels picked up by the vein finder are almost impossible to see with the naked eye.⠀

After the injections, you can see there is no bruising. The device does not eliminate the risk of bruising completely, but it does make it much less likely. If bruising does occur it’s usually minimal.⠀

Note: I do not receive financial compensation from any vein finder companies. ⠀

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